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So, just before christmas, I watched all 3 Karate Kid movies.
I have to admit, the whole series was really good !!!
I am not going to include the Next Karate kid, that came with my boxset, I didnt feel as though I should watch it, because it didnt have a number after the title, rather the "next" indicates that it has the same premis--just a different story all together.
Anyways ... yah -- I was pleasantly surprised how well K.K. 1-3 held up, but I forgot how whiney Ralph Machio was.
FYI -- I have heard they are going to do a remake of K.K. using Will Smith's kid as the K.K.
I hate that everybody is doing remakes nowadays ... I don't understand why they cant just create another chapter or version of the story, like the NEXT KARATE KID did. As a viewer, you realize that if you liked the first few, you may like the new/"NEXT" chapter or the story -- yet at the same time, you aren't recycling the same movie -- you can acutely be original and create something new, without tainting something we all already love.

Today, I moved onto to the Ghost Busters series (1+2). I think G.B. 2 gets a bums-wrap. Watching both movies back to back, the 2nd installment was really good ... I think they could've gone further than just the 2nd movie. Although I do know that they had the cartoons, I think they could have done another one or two theatrical releases. I am not however saying that they should do a remake of either film, but it would be great to see how G.B. could be done with modern special effects. Who knows, maybe they can get the original cast to get together to do a final installment -- or revive the G.B. series (kind of like how Sly did the new Rocky movie)

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